What small wind technologies are available for your home? How can you reduce your monthly energy bill by making small changes? Find the answers to these questions and more by browsing the information on this energy page.


Fact Sheets

 Designing your Home for Maximum Natural Lighting

Easy Steps to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Montana State University Extension: Energy Efficiency and Alternatives

Our Energy Future – Rural Connections

Wind Power in Utah

Wood Heating Appliances for Homes and Businesses: Choosing the Right Equipment 

Journal Articles/Reports

2012 World Energy Outlook

A Primer in Community-Based Social Marketing

Economic Impact Box Elder County, UT: Wind Power

Economic Impact San Juan County, UT: Wind Power

Economic Impact Summit Count, UT: Wind Power

Economic Impact Tooele County, UT: Wind Power

Economic Impact Utah County, UT: Wind Power

Economic Impacts from Wind Power in Spanish Fork Canyon, UT

Greener Reality: Jobs, skills, and equity in a cleaner U.S. economy

Harvesting Utah’s Urban Winds

Higher Education: Leading the Nation to a Safe and Secure Energy Future

Rural Connections: Western Researchers Explore Possibilities for Renewable Energy

Sell the Wind

Stafford, E. and Hartman, C. (2012). Resolving Community Concerns Over Local Wind Development in Utah. Sustainability 5(1), DOI: 10.1089/sus.2012.9990.

Turn the Heat Down: Why a 4 Degrees Celsius Warmer World Must be Avoided

Utah Rural Planning Group: The Future of Coal in Utah

Lesson Plans

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Funding Opportunities

USDA: Rural Development Energy Programs

USDOE: Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Financial Opportunities

USDOE: Funding & Financing

EPA A National Student Design Competition Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet


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Biochar. An short video about biochar, which is created through biomass. Biochar can be used for carbon sequestration.

Switch: To a Smarter Energy Future. This is a film, web and education program to build energy awareness and efficiency, and find practical, balanced solutions to our energy challenges.

Wind Unlimited. Wind Unlimited is a feature-length documentary that addresses the primary barriers to America achieving 20 percent of its electricity generation from wind energy.

Wind Uprising. This documentary chronicles the turbulent journey shared by an entrepreneur and an engineer who broke trail for wind energy in Utah.

What’s Happening in Our Forest? Forest Health and Biomass. A four-minute, animated short film developed by the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies