From Food Scraps to Fuel

Do you consider food scraps to be a resource? if you don’t already compost at your house, you may still be able to keep your food waste out of the landfill and turn it into a useful resource.

If you live in the North Salt Lake region, you may soon be able to contribute your food scraps to the anaerobic digester called Wasatch Resource Recovery which turns food into fertilizer and natural gas.


Food waste is considered a renewable resource if it is utilized correctly. When taken to the facility, the food is ground into a liquid where it is then heated and bacteria converts it into a new marketable material: fertilizer for fields and natural gas for power. The natural gas generated from this facility is enough to power a city of 40,000 people.

Food waste is a major problem. According to the EPA, around 30 percent of landfill space is taken up by food. This project aims to reduce the load to the landfill. The majority of this project will be receiving food waste from large producers such as grocery stores and factories. However, anyone can participate.

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