thumbLandThis page provides information for anyone curious to know more about green buildings and development, land conservation, as well as ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Fact Sheets

Backyard Composting in Utah

Brownfields Federal Programs Guide – EPA

Freestores: What, Why & How

Gardening for Native Bees in Utah and Beyond


Practicing Environmental Etiquette in Utah’s Deserts

Rangeland Carbon Sequestration

Recycling in Utah: Green Waste for Compost

Recycling in Utah: Paper

Reducing the Risk of Birds Colliding into Windows: A Practical Guide for Homes and Businesses

Regeneration of Aspen Stands in Southern Utah

Reuse: Creating a Next Life for Common Items

Reusing Potentially Contaminated Landscapes: Growing Gardens in Urban Soils – EPA

Strategies to Improve Recycling in Natural Areas: Examples from Zion National Park

Tapping into Social Media Data to Identify the Public’s Most Valued Landscapes 

Trees and Climate Change

Using Plants to Attract Humming Birds to your Yard


Journal Articles/Reports

A Primer in Community-Based Social Marketing

Conservation and Management of Monarch Butterflies: A Strategic Framework

Environmental Literacy in America

Rural Connections: Creating Sustainable Communities in a Changing America

Science Magazine: Working With Waste

USGS. Biological Soil Crusts: Web of Life in the Desert

Lesson Plans

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Funding Opportunities

Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program: Call for Proposals

EPA A National Student Design Competition Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet

EPA Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities: Sustainable Growth Assistance

EPA Recycling Information and Funds

EPA’s Smart Growth Implementation Assistance (SGIA) Program

Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Strategic Science Funding Opportunity

Make it in America Challenge

“Our Town” National Endowment for the Arts Grants for Communities

Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (Western SARE)


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Bag It


No Impact Man

Plastic China

The Story of Microfibers

Waste = Food

Wings of Life

Extension YouTube

Permaculture Techniques in Moab

The Role of Biological Soil Crusts