Roslynn Brain

RoslynRoslynnBrainn is a Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist in the Department of Environment and Society, College of Natural Resources at Utah State University. She uses conservation theory, communication techniques, and social marketing tools to foster pro-environmental behaviors in the areas of land (land conservation, reducing, reusing and recycling), water (water-wise landscaping, decreasing water contamination and consumption), food (consuming locally with a focus on CSA’s and farmer’s markets), air (air quality and climate change), and energy (energy efficiency and renewable energy). Roslynn also teaches communicating sustainability, chairs the national Extension sustainability summit and the National Network for Sustainable Living Education, and is the coordinator for Utah Farm-Chef-Fork, the USU Permaculture Initiative, and Sustainable You! kids’ camps.

Roslynn spearheaded the USU Permaculture Initiative with Tammy Steinitz in 2013 by gaining permission for a site on USU’s main campus, and by offering permaculture workshop in both Logan and Moab with design consultant Joel Glanzberg. During those workshops, initial visioning took place with over 75 participants. Since then, she has launched a permaculture initiative at USU Moab as well as Logan, helped create a collaborative team on both campuses to ensure success, brought in various design consultants, secured funding, coordinated meetings and provided interns to move progress forward. The USU Permaculture Initiative has now reached a stage where many individuals with varied expertise are contributing to its success.

Roslynn G.H. Brain

Assistant Professor, Sustainable

Communities Extension Specialist

Utah State University Moab

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