USDA Launches Toolkit guide on the Economics of Local Food Systems

Food systemsA new report from the USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service provides help for communities wishing to measure the economic benefits of local food investments. Real-world examples and measurement tactics are included as helpful references.

According to the USDA’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack “Strong local and regional food systems are helping to revitalize rural and urban communities across the country, and more than 160,000 farmers and ranchers nationwide are tapping into growing consumer demand for locally grown products. With USDA support, this sector is increasing access to healthy foods for local residents and creating opportunity for small businesses that store, process, market and distribute food,” said Vilsack. “Now community leaders have a toolkit that can help measure job creation and other economic development indicators, which will help make the case for continued investments.”

The toolkit includes seven modules to measure and assess the expected economic impacts of local food investments, which can be used by policy makers, community leaders, private business or foundations to offer specific estimates in deciding whether to invest in initiatives that increase local food activity.

Access the guide, here.

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