Wallace Stegner Center for Land, Resources and the Environment 7th in the Nation

Curious about what theĀ University of Utah’s Wallace Stegner Center is? As stated on their website, “From the carbon emissions of our fossil fuel-dependent economy to the fragmentation of ecosystems through development, to the conflict over allocating scarce water resources, modern society has the power to profoundly alter our natural surroundings. Protecting and understanding the environment and how humans interact with it is one of the most crucial issues of the day. The Wallace Stegner Center, named after the Pulitzer Prize- winning author and conservationist, is dedicated to understanding critical environmental challenges and to increasing public understanding and promoting dialogue about how to live more sustainably.

As one of the top-rated environmental law centers in the Western United States, the Stegner Center is home to a talented group of faculty fully committed to shaping environmental policy. Faculty members serve on local and national NGO boards and advisory committees, are consulted by state and federal government officials on a range of policies, and testify before Congress and other policy-making entities.” Discover future events, resources, news and more on their website.

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