Young Farmers: Stewards of the American West

Western Water

From the National Young Farmers Coalition: The western United States is in the midst of a growing water crisis. Extended drought and climate change are colliding with a booming population and a rising demand for food and fresh water. As more entities vie for this increasingly tenuous resource, water continues to be removed from farmland at rapid rates to feed growing urban centers. This threatens the viability of agricultural soils, farm businesses, and rural communities.

To address this growing crisis, NYFC is working across the West to protect water for agriculture and promote the good stewardship of that water. We are rallying young farmers and ranchers to advocate for their water needs and implement sound practices for conservation and resilience.

The voices of young farmers and ranchers are critical to building sustainable water policies and practices across the West and preserving family farming for generations to come.



In 2014, the National Young Farmers Coalition proudly announced the release of a short film, “Resilient: Soil, Water and the New Stewards of the American West.” Watch below. To learn more, click here.


Water Reports and Case Studies

ConservationGeneration_cover_Page_01Conservation Generation: How Young Farmers And Ranchers Are Essential to Tackling Water Scarcity in the Arid West

This 2016 report paints a picture of young farmers in the arid West, their approach to water, and the challenges they face. The report is based on a survey of 379 young farmers in the arid West as well as conversations with eight farmer focus groups.


Innovations in Agricultural Stewardship: Stories of Conservation & Drought Resilience in the Arid West

This 2015 report offers five case studies profiling producers across the Colorado River Basin and beyond who are adapting and even thriving in the drought. This report was created in partnership with the Family Farm Alliance.


SustainingFarming_coverSustaining Farming in the Arid West: Stories of young farmers, water and resilience

This 2014 report profiles six farmers in the arid West who are creatively managing their water. These farmers adapt their business models to drier times; build soil for healthy land and water; increase irrigation efficiencies and technology; promote habitat and diversity; and invest in their communities. They offer tools to sustain farming in this arid region.

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